1920s New Years Eve events

Barreled at the Lift
Speakeasy Bar and Hookah Lounge


Beautiful Patio Area
Our objective at Barreled at the Lift is to provide you, our guest, with a superior beverage and hookah experience in a cozy but social 1920s atmosphere.  Whether you are interested in artisanal cocktails, fine spirits, beer, wine, or smoking a hookah, we strive to provide a varied and unique selection for your exploration and enjoyment. In the preparation of our cocktails we use fresh juices, fruits, and a plethora of other ingredients to make every drink special. Charlotte, a city with such an eclectic society and so much to offer, is entitled to have a lounge with great libations and hookahs in an atmosphere so relevant to the legalization of alcohol, a Speakeasy. 

Sink into our comfy couches, toke on a smooth smoking hookah, and sip on some of our one-of-a-kind craft cocktails!

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"Serums of Autumn" seasonal cocktail menu  |  Coffee  |  Green Tea 

WeMix Wednesdays Seasonal Cocktail Specials --> Sleigh Bells Coff-Tails, Apple a la Mode, Candy Cane Mojito, Red Nose Bomb (taste like a Cinnabon - Shot), Cinnamon Trails *$8 every Wednesdays*

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