1920s New Years Eve events

Barreled at the Lift
Speakeasy Bar and Hookah Lounge


Hookah Blends

Smooth Melon Blues
Blue Mist and Safari Melon Dew.

Peach Beach
White Peach and Sex on the Beach.

Key Lime Pie
Coco Jumbo and Mint.

Tangerine Mojito
Pirate’s Cave and Tangerine Dream.

White Tropics
Tropical Strawberry and White Mint.

Irish Pink
Pink and Irish Peach.

Blueberry & Cream
Blue Mist & Vanilla.

Razz Queen
Pink and Peach Queen.

Hawaii Five-Oh
Citrus Mint & Blue Surfer

Valencia Pucker
Orange & White Grape.

Auckland Freshee
Kiwi Garden & Citrus Mint.

Royal Orchard
TMango Madness & Strawberry.

Southern Delight
Watermelon Mint & White Peach.

Strawberry Watermelon Sex
Watermelon Mint, Sex on the Beach, and Strawberry.

Hookah Fruit Bowls

Pineapple Dream
White Grape, Tangerine Dream, and Blue Surfer in a Pineapple Bowl.

Sweet Dreams
Sweet Melon and Lemon Mint.
In a Cantelope Bowl.

Queen Beach
Peach Queen & Queen of Sex.
In an Orange Bowl.

Lady In Pink
Pink & Hot Ice in an Orange Bowl.

Surfer Dude
Blue Surfer, Tropicool, and Safari Melon Dew in a Honey Dew Melon.

Irish Chai
White Chai & Irish Peach in a Cantelope Bowl.

Snow in Mumbai
Pink & White Mint in an Orange, Cantelope, or Honey Dew Melon Bowl.

Pink Lemonade
Lemon Mint & Pink in an Orange Bowl.

Orange Shamrock
Irish Peach & Orange in an Orange Bowl.

Maleficent’s Mist
Strawberry, Blue Mist, and Mint in a an Orange Bowl.

Hookah Wine Bases

Red Red Wine
Strawberry and Double Apple with a Wine Base

Irish Wine
Irish Peach with a Wine Base.

Hookah Single Flavors

Mint • Vanilla • Red • Rose • Orange • Cherry • Pink • Tropicool • Strawberry • White Peach Peach Queen • Irish Peach • Sex on the Beach Queen of Sex • Watermelon Mint • Pirate’s Cave • Double Apple • Safari Melon Dew
Blue Mist • Blue Surfer • White Grape
Red Bull • Coco Jumbo • Tangerine Dream
Sweet melon • Lovely Cherry • Juicy • Hot Ice
Marlette • Lemon Mint • Citrus Mint
White Chai • Kiwi Garden • Paradise
Mango Madness